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How To Overcome Your Riding Fear And MORE Importantly Become Confident and FearLESS Every Time You Ride

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Hi FearLESS Superstar, I hope you are as excited to be here reading this as I am writing it. WHY? Because I know that this could be the very turning point for you and your riding. Below, I’ll answer and address your most burning questions about overcoming fear and having confidence in yourself. And I’ll show you everything you need to quickly remove the fear that’s holding you back from truly enjoying your horse riding. Why do I know this… because I once was where you are in your riding journey right now. I’ve been there… fearful, confused, scared (and with lots of tears!!!!).

And this is why I created something called:

FearLESS Mastery: Your Complete Guide to Overcoming Your Fears and Riding With Confidence

It’s like having your very own Fear Coach guiding you to master your fear. Educating you, supporting you and holding your hand until you are fearless.

First, let me introduce myself…

My name is Natasha Althoff and I am a Grand Prix dressage rider.

Like you, I have a deep love of riding and horses, and for as long as I can remember I always wanted to be a Grand Prix dressage rider.

Having been a rider for over 20 years, an FEI rider for 10 years, and competing numerous times at the nationals at Grand Prix, I find riding fun. It is exciting. I love trying new horses, hacking out on trails I’ve never seen before, competing at new venues and training my horse.

But it wasn’t always like this…

A number of years ago I was bucked off my young stallion and broke two bones in my lower back. After this event I developed the fear of ‘what if’.

What if it happened again?

What if I couldn’t handle it?

What if I got hurt worse the next time?

I remember lying in the hospital bed as the doctor read from his report. ‘You have fractured your lower back in two places and it is my recommendation that you undergo surgery.

This will mean no more riding for 8-12 months and there is the chance that you will not ride again’.

The doctor went on to say that if I was to have a bad fall like this again, the damage could be much worse and if I were to return to riding again soon I could cause permanent nerve damage and even risk permanent incontinence! I could not take not riding again!

The thought of this petrified me yet the thought of severe injury to myself and the fear of mounting my stallion made me feel ill in my stomach.

Unfortunately, these thoughts of fear kept running through my head.

This fear held me back and I lost all love and joy in riding.

You may be familiar with this feeling from fear. It is not fun. It consumes you every time you feel like riding. It prevents you from doing the thing that you love doing in life. It’s got to be one of the worst feelings in the world to fear the very thing you love.

‘So here I was with a choice: Give up on my riding, my dream of Grand Prix and the wonderful experiences I’d had with my horses… OR… take control of my fear, overcome it and get back that love of riding.’

I remember early on hoping that my fear would go away on it’s own. That one day I would magically wake up and it would be gone. But as the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, I realised that wishing for a fear to go away didn’t work.

‘Fear keeps us focussed on the past and or worried about the future. Wising for it to go didn’t work and as you probably experienced, never works. The thing with fear is, the more it is left untouched, the greater grew and more control it had over us’.

When I realised that fear was not going away on it’s own, I realised I had to do something about it. The fear of not riding, training my horses and riding at Grand Prix was bigger than the fear of getting back on the horse. I knew I had to find a way to overcome fear and become FearLESS and that the journey was going to be tough.

BUT… at the end I knew it would be worth it. It became clear after tirelessly searching that I was going to have to pick apart the various studies and courses.

I would have to develop my own system that I would use to overcome fear in riding.

After countless months of searching I finally found the final answer to the puzzle. I began my studies into what would prove essential to overcoming riding fears in something called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I developed a system for horse riders that allowed me to move through my fear, get my confidence back and really enjoy and trust my riding again.

My results were so successful that I knew then and there that I just had to share this with the riding world. There were too many riders out there letting fear control them!

‘I know what it’s like to have fear hold you back and have it paralyse you from taking action. The good news is it doesn’t have to be like this. You can have the riding you want if you really want to and are ready to create change.’

I took what I had learnt and started teaching it to hundreds of riding clients both personally and through my live workshops. It was truly amazing to change the lives of these riders. Allowing them to overcome their riding fear and give them back their confidence.

For some it was riding at home, going for trail rides, competing, cantering, riding that new horse, getting on that young horse.

It didn’t matter what the fear was, the program was getting these riders the results and outcome they had wanted for so long. It was giving them something back they had often wondered if they ever would get back again.

It was then that I realised I wanted to share this program and my learnings online so I could help riders all around the world. And this formed the program…

FearLESS Mastery

A revolutionary online training program that guides you step by step from fearful to FearLESS in a fun and life changing way. You’ll never feel alone again on your path to confident riding as I’ll hold your hand each step of way. FearLESS Mastery is a 12 part program with 3 main focuses as you work your way through the program. Overcoming your fear, Conquering your fear and lastly Mastering your fear. What makes FearLESS Riding Success unique and relevant to you is that it is created by a rider for riders.

‘Each part of the course has been carefully structured. As your guide, I will make sure you avoid the pitfalls that I had to overcome and how to get your riding confidence quickly.’

Some of the lessons you will learn in FearLESS Mastery include:

  • What fear is really costing you? (When fear has a grip on you, there is a cost… and for riders that could be not riding, not competing, not cantering. You’ll uncover what your fear is really costing you… Part 3)
  • The importance of focusing on the right things. Do this wrong and you are already sabotaging yourself. (Most riders can tell you clearly what they don’t want in their riding, but very few can tell you what they do want. What you focus on is what you get!… Part 1)
  • How you are already the Steven Spielberg of the movies and images in your head AND how to use this to your advantage. (This tool and approach will have you scratching up those negative fearful images you show yourself and have you directing the blockbuster hit that you want with your riding. This is a super powerful tool and done properly gives you results!… Part 7)
  • How to identify which type of fear you are suffering from. (There are 3 fears that all our riding issues can be tied to. Identify which fear you have, and then we can take the steps required to overcome this fear… Part 2)
  • The 7 step process to overcoming your fear. (Discovering these 7 steps will put you in the perfect place to use the special NLP techniques and is your go to guide whenever you have are feeling fear… Part 4)
  • The step by step process to creating your character of confidence that has unshakeable confidence no matter the situation. (You’ll learn how to create your character of confidence that you can embrace every time you ride. You’ll have fun as you discover your character and build it piece by piece… Part 11)

As a Valued Member Of FearLESS Mastery 

Every part you will receive…

Classroom Theory Lesson

I explain the nitty gritty step by step processes and NLP techniques each month. Learn the strategies you need to use to discover all about fear and how you can understand and let go of your fears.

Full Voiceover Audio

Download and learn wherever and whenever you want by having me (your instructor) in your ear. I go through the techniques in each part of the program in detail so you can overcome any fear, anytime.

Real Life Coaching Examples

Videos of me coaching the technique to one of my students. Watch the techniques learned in each part of the program in real time, as I coach one of my students.


Complete with checklists and a troubleshooting guide so you can refer to anything you need if you get lost or stuck in your training. (Download these and print them out.)

‘The problem I had when I was working through my fear was that I didn’t have a clear system or a clear path and WORST OF ALL – I didn’t have a guide to show me what was working and what wasn’t.’

And that’s where FearLESS Mastery is unique in the training tools you receive. Included in your training tools are…

The best hand-selected NLP tools for riders with fear (I’ve tested all the NLP tools and found these the most successful)

Live coaching sessions so that you can see how the lessons are applied to riders… giving you a better understanding of the lesson and how to apply the learnings

Ongoing Support… never feel lost and confused. Not understanding something? Write to me with your question and I’ll help you out so that it’s clear and that fear is on it’s way out!

And all this just scratches the surface…

And if you’re like the almost all the members that go through FearLESS Mastery, you’ll have crushed and eliminated your fear in no time at all.

But don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s what other riders had to say about

‘FearLESS Mastery’

‘You wouldn’t think it but this photo is my horse bolting off with me after she got excited doing a cross country jump. My biggest fear before I started this course was being out of control after a horse bolted with me down a main road and I fell off. Yet when my horse in her excitement tanked off ignoring any stop aids I just laughed and enjoyed the ride a bit before asking her to stop again. So thankful for this course for changing my whole outlook on riding to one of fun instead of fear!!”

– Poppy Winter

“Isn’t this the best view in the world? I did it today, I got on my mare, and off, on off, on off and on again. I’m sure my neighbours think I was nuts! I haven’t ridden for several years after losing my old mare to cancer, this more was only broken in last year and has not been ridden since she has been home which is three months. I faced my biggest fear today, go on and asked her to walk forward. Now to keep going and get through the awkward stage of getting to know each other. Oh happy is me!!”

– Michelle Fletcher

‘Hi Tash, I AM NO LONGER SCARED!!!!!  I didn’t really believe you when you promised this would happen but I am ever so grateful (tears welling) to your course as it has been a very tough year and I seriously thought of giving up riding more than once.   It has been one of the biggest struggles I have ever had but you have kept me focused, and given me direction, the facebook group has been a great support and I am loving my riding as much if not more than I ever have.   To prove I am now fearless, I went on a big ride on Saturday and he took objection to something and spun around and I tipped off. But got back on and carried on without even thinking about it, and jumped a biggish log on the way home. Even my attitude to my stuff ups has turned around and I enjoyed my day rather than thinking how badly I did.   All the best, Nicki’

“Hi, I am so excited!! I am so hopeful with finally realising what my ‘fears’ are all about. I have begun to look at things differently. I look at my horses differently. I realise that the problems I was putting on them was not them at all but me .. or my fear lol. The other day I worked one of my horses but for the first time it was so stress free and and I had an amazing time with him. For the first time to build a relationship with him. I AM EXCITED !!”

– Donna

So let me ask you… What would it mean to overcome and master you riding fear?

Would it be cantering around the arena or through the open fields or forest? Or perhaps you want to compete at the competition you have always been putting off? Maybe it’s getting on that young dream horse of yours? Or it could be getting back on a horse, going for a trail ride. enjoying the experience of sitting on a horse again! Had something like this been around when I was going through my fear challenges I would have easily invested in it! Especially with the cost of owning horses. Agistment bills… Feed bills… Farrier bills… Vet bills… the bills just keep adding up! But perhaps the biggest cost of all is not doing that very thing you love!

‘I have learnt that what us riders really want most is to be guided by someone who has gone through the struggles, challenges and fears that we are facing before us. For someone to help us, give us the answers and guide us on the path to crushing that fear.’

Without a proper guide you may be like me. Struggling and missing out on that fun with your horse. The path that I took to become a Grand Prix dressage rider was one I would not want you to take. It was one of the toughest things I’ve ever done in my life (and I’ve given birth to 2 kids!!!)

‘Perhaps the best thing about struggling for so long was that I gained valuable insight where I was making the mistakes and more importantly… how to fix these.’

‘So what’s in Part 1 when I get started today?’

Some of the lessons you will learn in Part 1 of FearLESS Mastery include…

  • The importance of focusing on the right things. Do this wrong and you are already sabotaging yourself. (Most riders can tell you clearly what they don’t want in their riding, but very few can tell you what they do want. What you focus on is what you get!)
  • The 6 questions you’ll need to answer to put you on the first step to overcoming fear. (Discover how to create a your dream vision with this series of carefully created questions. At the end of this, you’ll be excited for the direction you are heading and what is awaiting you)
  • Discover how to change your ‘what ifs’ to work for you and your riding rather than against you. (Unfortunately humans tend to default to the negative ‘what if’. BUT what if there was a different way to look at this. One that could change your mindset!)
  • How to work out what fear is for you. (Horse riding is a great metaphor for life. Horses and horse riding are a mirror of what is going on in your life. Sounds crazy… but let me explain)
  • Discover how to start breaking down your fear and finding out what it really is. (You’ll be amazed to know that what most riders think is the fear is not the real fear. We will start digging deeper into this and working out what it is at the core level. What is the real fear!)
  • Uncover what boundary conditions are and why this is holding you back from knowing really why the fear exists. (When you understand that these are like roadblocks it will help you understand how to look further into your fear and crushing it once and for all)
  • And a whole lot more…

“This is amazing! I’m in! How Do I Get Access To “Part 1″ and what is the investment?”

Had something like this been around when I was trying to overcome my riding fear, it would have been priceless! I think even today you’d have to agree that if it was offered at $99 per month it would be an amazing deal!! BUT what if I could do you one better than that – today you’re not going pay $99 per month… In fact right now you have the opportunity to

INVEST in Part 1 of FearLESS Mastery for JUST $1

Anyway, here’s the deal!

I want to make this a no-brainer… FearLESS Mastery is normally $49 per month, but right now you have an opportunity to get Part 1 for a 7 day trial for just $1 (a saving of $48!)

‘I am super confident that this program will give you what you want. And that is why you are here, because you are looking for that answer. And once you start, you’ll be glad you have and wondered why you didn’t find this earlier!’

And as a way of welcoming you into the FearLESS Mastery family, I have some very special bonuses for you…

These will help you even more on your to mastering fear and riding with confidence (valued at over $100 per month, yours FREE)

Q ad A with Natasha

Bonus 1 The interactive, supportive, motivational and fun… FearLESS Mastery Facebook community. Bring all your questions here for live q and a and support. One of the great aspects of FearLESS Mastery is the community you’ll be part of.  This is full of superstars like yourself wanting to smash through those confidence barriers and enjoy their riding! We are all like-minded riders from around the world. The private group is made up of riders just like you who want more from their riding and are taking action to get there. (Valued at $29 per month)

Absolutely FREE!

Bonus 2 MP3 Audio of Each Part of the Program. Download and learn wherever and whenever you want by having me (your coach) in your ear. I go through each technique covered in the program in detail, as well as giving you live coaching examples which you can also download and listen to. Overcome any fear, anytime!! These have been valuable for the riding community when they are having a challenge with their horse or certain parts of the program. (Valued at $29 per month)

Absolutely FREE!

Bonus 3 Priority Questions Answered. When you ask a question – it goes to the top of the list for our weekly YouTube episodes. As you work through the program, you will have questions that others might also have – share them with us and Natasha will answer yours first in her weekly FearLESS Friday videos!! (Valued at $19 per month)

Absolutely FREE!

These bonuses are included to help you overcome your fear in your riding even quicker. You’ll never be searching  around the internet again for your fearless riding answers. And if you do have a question, post your question in the private Facebook group. Most likely someone has already experienced it and will help you out. And if not, I’ll be in there to answer your extra questions.

Yours FREE with your investment in FearLESS Mastery Today

Special Offer

What You’ll Receive Today:

  • FearLESS Mastery Part 1 – Identify Your Fear
  • 24 hour access to FearLESS Mastery and the bonuses
  • Interactive, supportive, motivational Private FearLESS community
  • Priority Questions answered and your chance to get your very own questions answered on YouTube
  • If you are loving the program and making amazing progress with your riding, you’ll be charged monthly, at $49, for each new month of the 12 month program
  • Cancel FearLESS Mastery anytime – you’re never locked into a long term contract

I’m so excited for you because… you are just on the edge of overcoming that riding fear.

You are about to discover how you can be that rider with unshakeable confidence and fearless approach to your riding. And finally enjoy your riding the way you were always meant to!

This is what awaits you right now with your investment into FearLESS Mastery… at an embarrassingly reasonable price… that is going away at the end of January… AND if for some reason you’re not completely satisfied, you’ve got nothing to worry about, because part 1 is essentially risk free! 🙂

Are you ready to get started?

See you on the inside!! To Your FearLESS Success,

Natasha Althoff

Frequently Asked Questions that Natasha Receives:

Why should I join FearLESS Mastery?
Have you ever wondered why you have fear in your riding?


And how to overcome it so that you progress and enjoy riding again? ​​​​​​​I know when I was learning, there were roadbloacks along the way – sometimes irrational, and all I needed were the right tools and techniques to help me work through these issues!!! After studying to be an NLP Master Practitioner, I created this program to help riders smash through these barriers and progress in their riding again!

Can I pause my account at any time to catch up?
Absolutely! We all know sometimes it takes a bit longer to work through a program – you might have an event or deadline coming up that is eating up all your free time… we might have hit a nerve and you want to delve deeper into the technique given for the month – there are any number of reasons why you may not be able to do the program monthly. To pause at any time, simply email fearless@yourridingsuccess.com and we will make sure it is all set up for you!
How much is FearLESS Mastery?

FearLESS Mastery is normally $49 per month, however for a limited time only, the first part is available to trial for 7 days for just $1!!! You will be charged $49 and receive part 2 in 7 days, unless we hear from you by emailing fearless@yourridingsuccess.com saying you need to stop or pause the program!

How do I sign up to the FearLESS Mastery program?
To sign up to the program, click on the ‘Join us’ buttons located throughout this page and fill out your details – you will receive all of your login information to the email address you provided (so make sure you triple check it is correct!) and you will have access to the first part of the program, plus your special bonus, with new content delivered to each month you continue as a member of the program!
What do I get each month?
Each month you will be given access to the next part of the program, as well as continued access to the previous parts of the program, which includes:


I am loving the program so much, can I fast forward my access without waiting?
We LOVE that you are so keen!! You can absolutely fast track through the program if you wish – there are fast track buttons on the program pages, or you can simply email fearless@yourridingsuccess.com and let us know you would like the next part of the program!
How long do I have access to the parts that I have paid for?
FearLESS Riding Success is a subscription program, however we are currently offering lifetime access to the program!!
I’m not very computer savvy - how do I login and access my online content?
Don’t worry – you will be sent all of this in your part 1 email (which we recommend you keep) walking you through how to access the program, as well as your login details.
English is not my first language – I am located overseas, but I do speak English well – will this program help me?
Of course!! The ideas and techniques are universal. Everything is in English (Natasha is from Australia) including the manual and the videos, but the concepts are the same regardless of country or language.
How will I stay motivated and supported throughout my riding journey since this is an online program?
We have set up a private online Facebook community – the page is called “FearLESS Riding Success”. If you wish to be a part of the Facebook group, simply search for the page “FearLESS Riding Success” and request to be a part of the group. If your Facebook name is different to the one you registered when you signed up for FearLESS Mastery – just send through an email to info@yourridingsuccess.com letting us know who you are, or send a message to “Your Riding Success” on Facebook.

The Facebook group gives you access to other members of the program, it’s a community of like minded riders that can relate to the journey you are going through, so that you can swap stories, support and champion each other throughout the program. Natasha also posts regularly in the group 🙂

Are my details secure?
Yes – FearLESS Mastery (and Your Riding Success) will not share any of your details with anyone. We keep your email address so that we can contact you, but this is not shared with any 3rd parties. FearLESS Mastery uses one of two secure payment gateways – PayPal or eWay (which is Australian) – to process your transactions each month, so you can be confident that your details are kept private and will not be shared or compromised in any way.
When I signed up you asked for my postal address? Do I receive anything in the post?
FearLESS Mastery is designed to be accessible to  riders worldwide, so it is all available online – you have instant access! Your postal address is required for our invoice system, even though nothing will actually be physically sent in the post, they like to have it at the top of your invoice and on file so that we can identify who you are if two people have the same name in our system!
Can I change the email address I have linked to my account?
Yes – just make sure you email info@yourridingsuccess.com with your updated details, and we will sort it all out for you. When you change your email address or contact details with FearLESS Mastery, any other Your Riding Success programs that you are a member of automatically get updated too!