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"How To Overcome Your Fear And Ride Confidently Without Feeling Nervous, Anxious And Out Of Control!"

*very limited seating - only 100 spots for each class we do...*

What You Will Learn On This Free Training Class:

About Your Host

Natasha Althoff's 'FearLESS Mastery' for transforming riders, delivering them results, all while enjoying their riding is what it's all about.

Natasha is a Grand Prix Dressage Rider, Coach & NLP Master Practitioner. Like you, she loves horses and riding, and for as long as she can remember she always wanted to be a Grand Prix dressage rider. To do this you need to have confidence - something Natasha didn't always have.

The reason she gets out of bed every morning is to inspire others to go for their dreams and be the best rider they can be. What is your riding dream and how do we go about making it come true, so that you can ride with confidence and happiness every time?

Her fearless mastery system is built around a background in neuro linguistic programming (NLP) guiding you step by step from fearful to fearless in a fun and life changing way. Natasha found that her unique training tools are the missing piece of the puzzle for most riders that really holds them back from confident tiding.

Natasha is the specialist in teaching riders online, making training fun and delivering accelerated results in their riding and confidence.