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Questions about the Program

If you are a member of FearLESS Riding Success already, and you have a question about your membership, click here to read through our frequently asked questions 🙂

1. Can I pause my account at any time to catch up?

Yes you can pause at anytime throughout the program so you can give yourself time to catch up and master the previous months lessons. Simply email us at and let us know you’d like to pause your membership and a member of our support team will confirm within 2 business days. You can of course restart at any time you like – just send us an email and we will set it all up!

2. How much is FearLESS Riding Success?

FearLESS Riding Success is a 12 months program currently available for $79 USD/month.

3. How do I sign up to the FearLESS Riding Success program?

To sign up to the program, CLICK HERE or go to the home page of the website and click on the ‘Join us now’ button and fill out your details – you will receive all of your login information to the email address you provided (so make sure you triple check it is correct!) and you will have access to the first part of Module 1.

4. What do I get each month?

Each month you will be given access to the next part in your current module, as well as continuing to have lifetime access to every other part you have paid for up until that point. Each module contains a video on the topic of that month, with Natasha giving you the tools and techniques relevant to that part of the program for overcoming your fear, conquering your fear and ultimately mastering your fear. She then gives you some exercises to work through for the month which tie in with the accompanying manual that you need to fill out.

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5. Can I get the program in hard copy? My computer is old and slow, and I would prefer to watch the videos on the TV.

You can most certainly receive FearLESS Riding Success in hard copy. The hard copy version is an extra $30 USD per month. Postage is free for Australian residents (The first month of the program is the exception, as we send you out a folder). International riders will just need to pay the postage charges, which we can calculate for you. If you would like more information on FearLESS Riding Success in hard copy, email us at

6. How long do I have access to the months that I have paid for?

Lifetime!! That’s the beauty of FearLESS Riding Success – you can always go back to the previous topics and revisit them!

7. English is not my first language – I am located overseas, but I do speak English well – will this program help me overcome my riding fears and enjoy my riding again?

Of course!! The ideas and techniques are universal. Everything is in English (Natasha is from Australia) including the manual and the videos, but the concepts are the same regardless of country or language.

8. Is the program available in other languages?

At this stage, FearLESS Riding Success is only available in English. If you feel that the program would benefit from being translated into your language – we are open to volunteers to help translate it!

9. How will I stay motivated and supported in my journey to confident riding since this is an online program?

Natasha is here to answer your email questions when they come up in your riding. We also have a private online Facebook community – the page is called “FearLESS Riding Success”. If you wish to be a part of the Facebook group, simply search for the page “FearLESS Riding Success” and request to be a part of the group. If your Facebook name is different to the one you registered when you signed up for FearLESS Riding Success – just send through an email to letting us know who you are, or send a message to “Your Riding Success” on Facebook.

The Facebook group gives you access to other members of the program, so that you can swap stories, support and champion each other throughout the program. Natasha also posts regularly in the group, and you are the first people to have access to the next weeks FearLESS Friday TV 🙂

10. Do I pay $79 USD per month forever? Or is it just for 12 months?

No – you pay $79USD per month for as long as you wish to stay a member of FearLESS Riding Success, but to get the full benefit out of the program we would recommend staying for the full length of the program, which is currently 12 months in total. There are 3 modules, each is 4 months long – so if you were to finish the whole program, there would be 12 more payments of $79 USD to complete the program. However, we understand you may not progress as fast as the program, so you can pause the program to catch up at any time throughout your journey, or cancel if you feel you have achieved your goals and do not wish to progress any further. You can also fast track through the program at any time by emailing

11. I know what my fears are – I just want to overcome them! Can I start the program somewhere in the middle and go from there?

No – we feel that you wouldn’t get the full benefit of the program by starting somewhere in the middle!! You may think you know what your fears are, but usually they stem from somewhere completely unexpected!!

12. I love Natasha’s YouTube videos and learnings, but I think my money would be better spent on private coaching rather than an online program – would FearLESS Riding Success be of any benefit to me?

We understand your apprehension about an online program – that’s why we offer 30 day money back guarantee, so everyone can see how this program works, how Natasha teaches and conveys her wealth of knowledge to you – in overcoming your fear and using NLP techniques to do this, and the learnings you do receive each month of the program.

With private coaching, perhaps in the form of a riding lesson, the lesson is gone once you have finished, and the next time you get back on your horse when your coach isn’t there, the fear may be back – whereas FearLESS Riding Success gives you lifetime access to the learnings, which you can go over and over again at your leisure.

13. Are my details secure?

Yes – FearLESS Riding Success (and Your Riding Success) will not share any of your details with anyone. We keep your email address so that we can contact you, but this is not shared with any 3rd parties.

FearLESS Riding Success uses one of two secure payment gateways – eWay or PayPal Payments Pro – to process your transactions each month, so you can be confident that your details are kept private and will not be shared or compromised in any way.